Wastewater System Installation and Repair Services


Wastewater systems and sewage treatment plants play an important role in our urbanised existence. To function smoothly, these facilities and plants have to be installed and maintained professionally.
River City Electrical Services specialises in the installation of wastewater systems and water treatment plant repairs. We work on both municipal and private projects, giving people living in the Brisbane region access to clean and safe water.


Wastewater System Installation

The effective functioning of a wastewater system starts with its proper and professional installation.
We have the qualifications to install a professional wastewater system, and are able to handle the expansion of existing wastewater systems. All of the team members are qualified and have the training to handle both commercial and private residential work, customising and installing the system and the water purification equipment that will be just right for your particular needs.


Repair Services

On top of installing and customising the system, we also specialise in water treatment plant repairs.
With years of continuous usage, equipment and valves can get damaged, pipe may leaks and these types of problems are costly and can potentially contribute to environmental hazards

 We can measure the performance of wastewater systems, do routine inspections and pinpoint problems. Once the initial assessment has been completed, we will suggest a solution that will maximise the plant’s performance and make it more cost-effective. River City Electrical Services adheres to the strictest standards within the industry, which guarantees the safe functioning of the wastewater system and its longevity.
For more information about the wastewater system services we offer, or for specific enquiries, please contact us today. Our team are happy to answer your questions and schedule an initial water treatment plant inspection