Real Estate


Real estate electrical services are essential for giving both property tenants and owners convenience and accessible maintenance. For both quality of life and safety, wiring and electrical projects can’t be left to chance.

River City Electrical Services’ real estate team can handle a vast range of essential and maintenance work, specialised projects and emergencies. By forming a partnership with our team, you can be rest assured that all of the tasks will be handled in a timely and convenient manner.


Benefits of Our Real Estate Electrical Services

Wondering whether the electricians at River City Electrical Services are the right professionals for the job? When using our real estate electrician team, you’ll get to experience all of the following benefits:

  • Fast response and personalised solutions
  • Special rates for real estate agents
  • The option to be alerted if a job will go over a set price limit
  • A free key pick up and drop off service
  • Access to 24/7 emergency electrical services


Cost-Efficient Professional Electrical Services

Dealing with electrical emergencies on your own is dangerous and it can deliver mediocre results. Faulty wiring and other electrical problems are common causes of fires and other property accidents.

Whether you're a real estate agent or a residential property owner, safety should be a top priority. In addition to giving you this safety, our professional real estate electrical service is cost-efficient and saves you time. The River City Electrical Services team has the experience and the equipment to give you fast results that anyone can afford. Our attention to detail and the quality of customer service have set River City Electrical Services apart from other electrical contractors in Brisbane..  

Have you just bought an investment property and are looking for the right electrical team? Are you a real estate agent in need of a reliable and experienced partner? Give us a call today on 0401 357 867 to get more information about the range of services and special discount rates we have to offer.